With around 1.2 billion customer transactions every year, the influence of that data goes a very long way. Every data-driven idea, innovation and improvement makes our customers’ lives easier, better, healthier and greener. It’s what we call, the patterns of progress.

If you’re passionate about data and looking for both freedom and resources, you’ll find it all with Sainsbury’s. It’s also an opportunity to make a dramatic, far-reaching impact on a major retail operation.

At Sainsbury’s we aim to know our customers better than anyone else, to be able to anticipate and meet their needs - whenever, wherever, and whatever they are. To do this we need to maximise our customer data, and so the Knowing Our Customers Better (KOCB) programme is a very large transformational initiative for us.

This is a great time to join us. We’re making a significant investment in Data and analytical capabilities at our new centre of excellence. We’ll invest in you, too. So, as well as access to internal and external training, we’ll give you the time and encouragement to go to inspirational conferences and events. And you’ll have a thriving community to share ideas and knowledge with.
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Capability Lead, Data & Analytics

The main appeal for me to Sainsbury’s was the huge amount of data, recording 26 million transactions each week!

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